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1 Elizabeth was the second wife of Young Gresham, as shown in the 1850 Holmes County census.
Elizabeth ?
2 In year 2000, could be contacted at Lanet Geriatric. 334-644-1111 Emma ?
3 Present name is Laticia G. Anderson
Laticia ?
4 Osburh or Osburga was the first wife of King Ęthelwulf of Wessex and mother of Alfred the Great. Alfred's biographer, Asser, described her as "a most religious woman, noble in character and noble by birth".

Osburh's existence is known only from Asser's Life of King Alfred. She is not named as witness to any charters, nor is her death reported in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. So far as is known, she was the mother of all Ęthelwulf's children, his five sons Ęthelstan, Ęthelbald, Ęthelberht, Ęthelred and Alfred the Great, and his daughter Ęthelswith, wife of King Burgred of Mercia.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osburh
Osburh ?
5 I received this email on June 8, 2000. (Joseph Dean Moore)

Saw your query on the Adams genforum and have some related info which
might hold some clues and a few answers possibly.
You might already have seen the 1850 census in Coweta County, GA showing
Martha Ann with her husband Oliver Houston and their children. (Let me
know if you haven't as I have the 1850 and 1860 census books for Coweta
County, GA)
I have been researching the family of Jesse Adams (b. ca 1786 in
Virginia) and his wife Casey Posey Adams (b. ca 1790 in North
Carolina). They were in the 1850
census in Coweta County, GA living next door to their probable son
Jackson Adams
(b. ca 1823 in GA), his wife Ellender and children..

The 1860 census for Coweta County, GA shows Casey Posey Adams is a widow
living with her probable daughter Elizabeth Adams Bohannon and
Elizabeth's husband Joseph Bohannon.

The Coweta County, Georgia Will books show a Will for John Houston,
March 17, 1834 in which he names his children, including an Oliver
Houston. The Will is witnessed by Joseph Bohannon. Traditionally, the
witnesses to Wills were family members to some degree, e.g. in-laws,
etc. This Will record along with the 1860 census where Casey Posey Adams
(wife of Jesse Adams) is living with Joseph Bohannon family, strongly
suggests a relationship between your Martha Ann Adams and Jesse and
Casey Posey Adams, perhaps she is their daughter. It is worth further
research anyway on the Jesse Adams and Casey Posey Adams families.
There was not a Will listed in this transcribed book for Jesse Adams or
Casey Posey Adams, and I have ordered some microfilm records from the
LDS family history center to try to find more on Jesse Adams family and
his children.

What we think we know about the Adams family:

1. Martha Ann Adams, b. 1817, married Oliver Houston on September 8, 1840 in Coweta County, Georgia, d. in Hurricane Twp. Saline County, Arkansas. We have a typed copy of Coweta County Marriages, 1827-1849, A-Z, pg. 1 of 41, which shows this marriage.

2. Unproven but probable information obtained through Ancestry.com, One World Tree, shows Martha Ann Adams father to be Samuel Adams*, b. February 1, 1784, Fluvanna County, Virginia. His parents were James Adams, Jr. and Jane Cunningham. Samuel Adams married Martha Ann Thornton (b. 1789 in Elbert County, Georgia, d. 1860) in 1803 in Elbert County, Georgia. This information indicates that Samuel and Martha had 13 or 14 children (one shown seems to be a duplication). For identification purposes I will list six of them:

a. Martha Ann - had the same name as her mother.

b. James - the oldest son, had the same name as his grandfather and g-grandfather.

c. Elizabeth Jane - had both her grandmothers' names.

d. Thompson Thornton

e. Alfred Newton

3. It is hard to identify families on censuses before 1850 but we have found Samuel Adams on the 1820 Elbert County, Georgia census with 3 females less than 10 years of age. (Martha was supposedly born in 1817, but probably not in Coweta County, Georgia as the One World Tree shows.)

4. There are two Admass on the 1830 Elbert County, Georgia census, neither with females under 15.

5. In 1840, there was a Samuel Adams in Muscogee County, Georgia with 1 female between 20-30 which could be our Martha, however since she married in September, 1840 she may not show up with father's family. (Oliver Houston's 1840 Coweta County, Georgia census does show one female between 20-30.) There are several other Samuel Adams listed in 1840 and the censuses are in the file.

6. On the Russell County, Alabama census for 1850, Samuel Adams, age 64 with real estate valued at $400.00, born in Virginia, resided with wife Martha, age 60, also born in Virginia, and son Alford, age 21, born in Georgia.

7. On the Barbour County, Alabama census for 1860, Samuel, age 76, born in Virginia and wife, Martha, age 62, born in Virginia?, lived with son Thompson T. Adams, age 48, born in Georgia, and his family.

* Another possible Adams family is shown on LDS Family Group Records. Levin Adams, b.1786, Pulaski County, Georgia, m. October 4, 1821, Winifred, b. 1790 in Pulaski County, Georgia. One of their 6 children was Martha Ann Adams, b. 1816 in Pulaski County, Georgia. (see printout in file above censuses). 
Martha Ann Adams
6 Ealhmund, Under-King of Kent from 784 to his death in 786.
Died in 786
Ealhmund married a daughter of Ęthelbert II who was King of Kent from 725 to 762; and who ruled Kent jointly with first with his brother Eadberht (725 - 748), and later with his half brother Alric and nephew Eardwulf.

Ealhmund and his wife (the daughter of Ęthelbert II, King of Kent) had the following children:

St.Alburga, who first married to Wulfstan, Ealdorman of Wiltshire and became a nun after the death of her husband.
Underking of Kent Aelhmund
7 Ingild (died in 718) who had a son:
Ingeld Ingild Aethling
8 Separated Rebecca Alcazar
9 Died of breast cancer in 2007 Rizalina "Sally" Alcazar
10 Martha was the third wife of Young Gresham Houston, as listed in the 1860 Holmes County census. Martha Alexander
11 Posted by Edwin T. Drew:

I am seeking information on Jane WOOTEN of Burke Co., GA, born abt. 1810; died January 1836. Jane was married to Andrew Young John ALLEN of Burke
Co., GA after 1830. Jane's husband died during 1835, shortly before her only son, Young John ALLEN was born on Jan. 03, 1836. Jane died later of child birth
fever, and her infant son was adopted and reared by her sister Nancy and her husband Wiley HUTCHINS. Any information on the WOOTEN, ALLEN, or
HUTCHINS families of Burke Co., GA would be greatly appreciated. 
Andrew Young John Allen
12 Never married. Cornelia Morgan Allen
13 Never married. Virginia Auville Allen
14 Married Twice William Ross Allen
15 Young John Allen and Mary Houston

Missionaries to China


Young John Allen was born in Burk Co,GA on Jan 3,1836. His parents were Andrew Young John Allen and Jane Wooten.His father being a man of more education than was common in Georgia, conducted for some years an academy for the benefit of the children and youth of the community, but subsequently he engaged successfully in cotton planting, in which he accumulated a small fortune.Young John was orphaned as a child and was raised by his maternal Aunt and Uncle, Nancy and Wiley Hutchins.

While attending his first year at Emory College, September 1854, he became engaged to Mary Houston, daughter of Samuel and Sarah Houston, who at the time was less than 16 years of age. He induced her to enter college at Lagrange, Georgia for a period of two years and then she transferred to Wesley College,Macon, Georgia. Graduating with First Honors in 1858.

Young John and Mary were married on July 22,1858 in Atlanta, Georgia by Rev. Osborn L. Smith D.D. In December 1859 they sailed to China, taking with them their young daughter Melvina, who later became Mrs. George R. Loehr. After seven long months aboard the sailing vessel "Seaman's Bride". they arrived in Shanghai, China in July 1860, where they were stationed for the rest of their lives. Mary kept open house, not only for the missionaries of her church, but for the many wayworn travellers of the other denominations as well. Remembering her own hardships on the sea, her heart went out especially to sailors. They always found a welcome at her home.

Mary's husband, Young John taught many Chinese gentlemen to read and write, started the first Chinese newspaper. He was also instrumental in starting the first Chinese young lady's school, The McTyeire Home and School for Girls. Young John also played a role in getting the Soong sisters ( one of whom was Mei-Ling, later the wife of Chang Kai shek) to come to America and be educated at Wesley College.

"During the period 1868-1883, Young John allen became involved in a variety of activities that expanded his views on the scope of missionary work. Beginning as a preacher and teacher, he soon became Editor of two newspapers, and later a third, as well as a translator for the Imperial government"

Dr. Allen passed away on May 30, 1907, after 47 years of distinguished service in China, but his wife continued to live in Shanghai. On May 24, 1927, exactly 20 years to the month of the passing of her husband, Mary also passed to her reward. She was 88 years old and had spent 67 of these years as a missionary to China, a record unprecedented in missionary annals.

Mary's Houston's Lineage

John Houston - Mary Ross

John Houston - Mary Wilson

Samuel H. Houston - Sarah Germany


Mary Louise Allen - Henry S. Turner

Mary Francis Turner - Leonard Everett

Ethel M. Everett - Walter R. Yunginger

Lisa Yunginger - Clifford Red Elk

The Latest Edition

9th Generation

Jessica Red Elk

Mary's GGG granddaughter

For additional information about this family contact

[Main] 1  
Young John Allen
16 Separated, no children Annabel Almendras Aloba
17 Had meningitis at an early age and was an invalid for many years. Allen Arnold
18 Schoolteacher. Bessie Arnold
19 Schoolteacher. Ethel Arnold
20 Owned a large peach orchard.
Also owned the F. H. Arnold Dry Goods Store in Newnan. 
Fred H. Arnold
21 Moved to Troup County. Mary Arnold
22 Schoolteacher. Maude Arnold
23 Left Newnan to work for the Atlantic Coast Line RR Company. Sam Houston Arnold
24 Coweta County records show that Samuel James Arnold owned in excess of 2700 acres of land, a large part of which he bought from his father. He had a large farming operation in the Madras area. Samuel James Arnold
25 Born about AD 50 but Family Tree Maker doesn't allow entry of 2-digit years.
Taetwa Beawsson of Asgard
26 Eoppa who had a son:

Eoppa Atheling
27 Harry Courtney Bagby, MD
they have children

Harry Courtney Bagby, MD
they have children 
Harry Courtney Bagby
28 Was a Lieutenant with the New York City Fire Department when he died. He had been with the fire department for 27 years.

Before working as a fireman, he appeared in such Broadway hits as "The Vagabond KIng", "White Eagle" and "New Moon". 
William J. Bailey
29 Vivian's last name may be Athens or Baker not sure.
Superintendent of Belton Schools in Belton, Texas 
Vivian Baker
30 Dr. Arthur Elmer Ballard Arthur Elmer Ballard
31 Dr. Arthur Elmer Ballard, Jr.
Was a dentist in Temple, Tx in 1972. 
Arthur Elmer Ballard, Jr.
32 Was Dr. Charles Beamon Ballard Charles Beamon Ballard
33 Had three children with Ruth Hale Elice Allie Ballard
34 Had three children. Jane Elizabeth Ballard
35 Had three children. Lester Clarence Ballard
36 Raised by a Dr. Leguer, veterinarian. Lived at Beeville, Tx. Luke Linnis Ballard
37 Had two children. Mollie Nell Ballard
38 He was a farmer and a Methodist minister. Came to Texas by 1861. Civil war soldier. Lived in Kaufman County, Tx in 1861. Then to Hopkins County by 1862. In 1880 he is in the Wilson County, Tx census. In fall of 1880 he bought land in Caldwell County, Tx.

Following from Lynne D. Miller.........

My notes on Thomas Sanford Ballard
Source: Mike Montgomery, Oliver and Hollis Ballard Notes, Lloyd Russ Ballard,
Tex Dick, Evelyn Ballard, 1880 Texas Federal Census Soundex Records
* Methodist Minister
* Buried in Texas
* Civil War Records of Thomas S. Ballard in Texas
Ballard, Thomas, Pvt. - Griffth, John S., Captain
Rockwall Calvary, Kaufman Cty, 19th Brigade, TGT. R&F 95; Cc. commissioned
June 24, 1861. Co organized under act of Feb. 15, 1858.
Ballard, T. S., Pvt. Cassaway, E. B., Capt. Co. in Col. Clark's Regt., TVI,
1862 in Upshur co (Enlisted) Age 31 R & F 95 A. H. Reg rs, En of; 1 May 27,
* 1880 - Living in Wilson County TX

Lynne D. Miller
American Research
951 Lyndsey Br. Ct.
Lincolnton, NC 28092 
Thomas Sanford Ballard
39 Born June 1, 1832, died Sept. 20, 1911 (recorded in the family Bible)
Aunt Lit said she was born in Harris County, Georgia in a place called King's Gap at the foot of Pine Mountain. 
Sarah Elizabeth Barker
40 Blacksmith. Owned and operated a two-forge blacksmith shop.
Father born in Tennessee.
Mother born in Illinois.

Had child named "Virgie" from a previous marriage, mother was born in Missouri.
Virgie was born in October 1889. 
William Walker Berry Barlow
41 Name may have been Martha Ruth Leonard Martha Ruth Beavers
42 Wayne Lee Bell, Sr., 72, of 710 Liberty Hill Road, died Monday, May 4, 2009 at his residence.
Born in Asheville, NC, he was the son of the late David Eugene and Ruby May Lyda Bell.
Mr. Bell was retired from the United States Secret Service as a Supervisory Special Officer, where he served Lady Bird Johnson for 20 years. He was a retired United States Air Force veteran having served during the Vietnam War. He was recipient of the Bronze Star metal and the Air Force Commendation medal.
Surviving are his wife, Pat Bell; two sons, Wayne Lee Bell, Jr. and his wife, Robin, of Easley, John Karl Bell and his wife, Teresa, of Dallas, TX; a daughter, Kimberly Frances Harriss and her husband, Robert, of San Antonio, TX; three grandchildren, Emily Patricia Bell, Jonathon Michael Bell and Bryan Devon Bell Spc.; two sisters, Ruth Gantt and Mary Dockery; and numerous nieces and nephews.
Memorials may be made to M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center, PO Box 4486, Houston, TX 77210-4486.
Visitation will be held Thursday, May 7, 2009 from 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at Thomas McAfee Funeral Home, Downtown. The funeral service will be held Friday, May 8, 2009 at 10:30 a.m. in the downtown chapel. Burial will follow in Robinson Memorial Gardens. 
Wayne Lee Bell, Sr.
43 Ivan Berrey, MD

Ivan Berrey, MD 
Ivan Columbus Berrey
44 Last known living in Greensboro, NC in 1954, and was working in the shipping department of a dress manufacturer there.[Rob12.FTW]

Last known living in Greensboro, NC in 1954, and was working in the shipping department of a dress manufacturer there. 
Nellie Best
45 Notes for John Bennington Boggs:

First cousin of the wife of President Ulysses S. Grant, Julia Boggs Dent.
John Bennington Boggs
46 Joseph Bonk was the son of Polish Immigrants
Joseph Bonk
47 From his United States Naval Academy Yearbook in 1961....JAMES SHARP BOURN Jim 15th Company Fort Worth, Texas Hailing from Ft. Worth, Texas, Jim made his presence felt at the Naval Academy in his varied extracurricular activities such as the Engineering Club and the Antiphonal Choir. Having spent three years at Rice, he had relatively little difficulty with his academics with one exception. Dago. But it was with quiet relief that he burned his Dago books at the end of Youngster Year and set out for better times. Jim demonstrated his Wild West talents by shooting on the riHe team. Besides being an ardent shutterbug, he was known for chasing his wives out with his record collection, mainly because there wasn ' t any space left in the room after he moved it in. In addition, Jim sjaent much of his time dragging around the Yard. His model plane collection reflects his interest in aviation, with ^which he plans to make his career. No matter what Jim takes up, his perseverance and sense of humor are sure to lead him to success. James Sharp Bourn
48 Eloise Hardin, 1925 - 2006

Eloise Hardin, 81, of Broken Bow, passed away October 17, 2006, at Dubuis Hospital of Texarkana. She was born July 20, 1925, the daughter of George Wesley Bray and Elma May (Wood) Bray.
Eloise lived in this community most of her life. She was united in marriage to Granville Ray Hardin on March 20, 1942 in Idabel. She was a member of the HCE Harris Club, and McCurtain County Garden Club. Eloise enjoyed arts and crafts, and collecting antiques and dolls. She was a former National Flower Show Judge. She was extremely talented and liked drawing and silver smithing. She loved her family and friends. Eloise was a member of Lukfata Baptist Church.
She was preceded in death by her parents, May and George Bray; one daughter, Linda Beard; and brothers, Snow, Jack, and Bob Bray.
Eloise leaves to cherish her memory her husband, Ray Hardin, of the home; daughter, Margaret Gebert and husband Bertis, Broken Bow; special friend, Marilyn Wade, Broken Bow; eight grandchildren; twenty-three great-grandchildren; one great-great-grandchild; and a host of friends.
Services will be held 2:00 p.m., Saturday, October 21, 2006, at Brumley Funeral Home Chapel, Broken Bow. Bertis Gebert will officiate. Interment will follow at Holly Creek Cemetery.
The family will receive friends from 7 to 8 p.m. Friday, October 20, 2006, at Brumley Funeral Home Chapel, Broken Bow.

Source: http://oklahomaedge.com/mcv/obituaries_2006october.html
Eloise Bray
49 Tracey disappeared on May 27, 1995

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
# Missing Since: May 27, 1995 from Everett, Washington
# Classification: Endangered Missing
# Date Of Birth: January 29, 1973
# Age: 22 years old
# Height and Weight: 5'2, 130 pounds
# Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair, blue/green eyes. Brazzel's hair was bleached blonde at the time of her 1995 disappearance, as shown in one of the photographs above. She has a small rose tattoo with her first name, Tracey, imprinted across the image on one of her shoulder blades. Brazzel has a tattoo of a snake on one of her ankles. Some agencies may spell her first name "Tracy."
# Clothing Description: A dark-colored sweatshirt, jeans and black shoes.

Details of Disappearance
Brazzel was last seen at approximately 1:45 a.m. on May 27, 1995 in Everett, Washington. She was departing from Kodiak Ron's Pub on Airport Road at State Route 99 South at the time of her disappearance. Brazzel's white Ford Probe was discovered later in the day near her residence in Keeler's Corner Apartments in North Lynnwood, Washington. Authorities located evidence that suggested Brazzel entered her apartment after returning from the bar. She has never been heard from again.
Brazzel was employed as a hairstylist in Mill Creek, Washington in May 1995. She quit her job on May 25, two days prior to her disappearance. Her mother stated that she had a close relationship with her daughter in 1995 and said that Brazzel often visited her daily. Brazzel's loved ones told authorities that it is uncharacteristic of her to leave without warning. Extensive searches of the surrounding area produced no clues as to her whereabouts.
Brazzel's parents are divorced and her father resided in New Jersey at the time of her disappearance. A psychic claimed that Brazzel's remains were anchored to a car chassis in a river near Monroe, Washington shortly after she vanished. Her father financed a search of the river, but no evidence was located.
Several unconfirmed sightings of Brazzel were reported in 1997 after her father appeared as a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Authorities believe that Brazzel disappeared under suspicious cicumstances. Foul play is suspected in her case, which remains unsolved.  
Tracey Elizabeth Brazzel
50 Was a Confederate War veteran.[Rob12.FTW]

Was a Confederate War veteran. 
Nathaniel Jefferson Brewster

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