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9 Hectares (approx. 22.7 acres) Excellent Farm Land with Furnished Home and view of the magnificent Andes Mountains in Central-Southern Bio-Bio Region of Chile

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Home is newly constructed in late 2008, and has living, dining, kitchen and two bedrooms and two full baths plus separate laundry room, and is equipped with DirecTV-Plus (DVR), and DSL internet service. Home is equipped with a solar panel system that provides part of our electrical service. Most of the year we have bright sunny days and on these days we power the whole house which includes two large chest type freezers, one refrigerator, DirecTV with 32" LCD Monitor, computer and phones, and automatic washer, and lighting, daily from about 7 AM to 7 PM and then switch to the power company during the night hours. All appliances and furniture are less than three years old and we prefer to sell the home and place fully furnished as-is except for our personal computers and personal things. We have separate gas instant type hot water heaters for the kitchen and baths. Two gas ranges are setup for cooking. Home is located in fenced in area and includes a huge vegetable garden area where we grow most of our food for the whole year. Also in this fenced area are our permanent blueberries, raspberries, and over 200 asparagus plants for personal use.

We have set out about 140 young fruit trees in our "private orchard", including apples, pears, plums, apricots, oranges, tangerines, lemons, cherries, almonds, walnuts, olives, quince, and grapes. All of these are irrigated. We have two sources of water - one is a deep well we had drilled in February 2009 which is 55 meters deep. In the well is a 3 HP, deep well pump with 2" outlet pipe. We have a separate legal title to the water rights. We also constructed a "tranque", or surface reservoir that fills up with over 2 million liters of water during the rains that occur in July. This reservoir is for a backup water source for irrigation during the summer months if needed, however the deep well has proven to be 100% reliable, so we have put a few young catfish in the reservoir. The well provides excellent crystal clear fresh water. We have underground 2" lines set up with 2" valves to control the flow of water from the well to any section of our land for irrigation. A 2000 liter tank is installed near our home on a tower to provide water pressure to our home.

Included is all farm equipment, all new since 2008, and includes one 55HP 4 wheel drive diesel farm tractor with cab, disc harrow, 6 disc powered plow, 2 meter wide roto-tiller, double sided grading blade, two row hiller, two row potato planter, tractor mounted sprayer, and two row potato harvester. There are two farm buildings, a two car garage and one wood frame metal farm building size 16 ft. x 66 ft.

There is an old home place on the property near the center which includes two houses, one very old adobe type construction, and one other house, neither livable without much work. This old place has quite a few older fruit trees around the house including several apples, several peaches, plums, cherries, avocados, and two almond trees, plus numerous bulb type flowers and some roses. Near this old home place, we have fenced in a large area, maybe ˝ acre, for a chicken yard and we have laying hens and roosters that provide us with all of our healthy fresh eggs daily. They go with the place.

Three Red Angus beef cattle are included (negotiable if you don't want them) consisting of two cows and one calf born September 2, 2011, the other bred with a Black Angus bull, due to calve about December 2011.

This small farm is an excellent opportunity for someone who is interested in living a more self-sufficient lifestyle and wants to live in a healthy, clean air, free from polluted environments. Our place is by the highway between Chillan and Coihueco, about 17 km from Chillan - only a 15 minute drive. Chillan is an important city and center of agricultural activity and has a shopping center, many banks, three large supermarket chains including Jumbo and Lider and Unimarc.... Lider is the one bought out recently by Wal-Mart. It is about a one hour and 15 minute drive to the Pacific ocean and the city of Concepcion--the second largest city in Chile, and about a one hour drive to the snow capped Termas de Chillan Ski Resort and Hot Springs, also known as Nevados de Chillan. We have a clear view of the snow capped mountains here all year long which are about 36 miles away direct.

Why are we selling? We love this place and built it with the plan to spend the rest of our life here. Unfortunately, my wife and I both have some severe arthritis problems with painful joints and two different doctors have advised us to move to a drier area in the Atacama desert of Chile and we will have much fewer pains. We hope that works.

Price Reduced September, 2011! We are asking 180 million Chilean pesos and at current exchange rates, that is about $360,000 USD was $420,000. Final price to be negotiated when you see the property.

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4WD Tractor New Oct 2008
Reservoir 2 Million Liters
Fence Construction 2009
Cows Grazing
Young Fruit Orchard
Small Lean-to Greenhouse
Potato Crop 2009
Side View of Home
Home front Entrance
Young Fruit Orchard
Purple Hull Peas
Home with Mountain View
Bedroom One
Bathroom One
Walk-in Closet
Bathroom Two
Bedroom Two, Never Occupied
Kitchen Right Side View
Dining and Kitchen Left Side View
table test
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