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Agribusiness Facts and Figures

The High Cost of Consumerism - Stories of Belonging

Thriving in the Age of Collapse

Gas Is Going To $5 A Gallon, Consumer Spending Is Dead

The Unusual Origin of Humans - A Logical Theory

Ninety Percent of the World's Food - Soil and Food Analysis

The U. S. Declaration of Independence

Why is everyone talking about the year 2012?

The End of Humanity: Could the Human Species Destroy Itself?

Extraterrestrials in the news, and maybe in America

The Short Story of Edith Piaf - CAUTION Site has Music!

Human-looking ETs secretly in U.S.?

Magna Carta - (The Great Charter)

New Earth-like Planet Discovered

The Free Raelian Book - RAEL, the Masonic Messiah

Our Trip to Arica, Lago Chungara, and the Atacama Desert

The Various Known Types of Extraterrestrial Races

The Various Known Types of Extraterrestrial Races - Updated - with VIDEO

The Unlimited Universe and Unlimited Possibilities

The Potential Effects of Volcanoes

My 80 Meter Full-wave Horizontal Loop Antenna

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